Monday, February 16, 2009

God Rejoices Over You

One of the lessons of today’s sermon text is that the story of God’s working in the world is God’s determination to throw a glorious feast. God’s idea of a good time is lots of people piled around his tables with fine wine and mountains of good food. But more than that, this reveals what your God is like. God is generous. God is open-handed. God is promiscuous with his kindness; he is unscrupulous with his grace. And we’re all proof of that. He’s given us all things in Christ Jesus, and on top of that, He has given us His Spirit working out his gifts in our lives. And he seats us here week after week spoiling us with good bread and good wine, his body and blood for our joy and nourishment. This God does not invite you here begrudgingly; he isn’t going over all your failures or weaknesses. He’s not reminding you of how you really could have done that better. He’s inviting you with open arms; He delights in you. He rejoices over you with singing and dancing. He is not ashamed to call you His own. You are his favorites. And clearly this is not something you’ve earned. It’s all a gift; it’s all grace. And really the only requirement is that you come with thankfulness. Come with thanksgiving, come with joy, come with wonder in your hearts for God’s grace. He rejoices over you, he loves to bless you, he loves to fill you, he loves to heal you, and he says come one, come all. So come with joy to receive the gifts of God. Rejoice in receiving these gifts because God is rejoicing in giving them to you. Come eat, drink, and rejoice.

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