Monday, May 18, 2009

Like It's the Best Thing

As it turns out there are a number of children here week after week. They worship with us in their own ways and are learning to participate with us. Many of you are parents who are busy with this task, and this is as it should it be. But the exhortation is directed to you and to all the adults all of us who take oaths at every baptism to assist these parents. All of us are godparents to these many children. First, remember that what you are doing is part of the greatest blessing you can ever bestow upon your children. You are teaching them how to draw near to God, how to cast their cares on their faithful Father, how to ask for and receive forgiveness, how to trust God and love Him with all that they are, how to love God’s people and see them as their own people. And so the first exhortation is to not grow weary in doing good, just as you should not grow weary in feeding your children every day, even when they spit it out, throw it off the high chair. Of course sometimes it takes coaxing and discipline, but we know it’s good for them. We know it is vital to their health; in the same way, this is vital to their health. And this is even more vital. Man does not live by bread alone, and children do not grow up big and strong on food alone. It is the Spirit that knits us together and grows us up to maturity. Finally, remember that you are bestowing blessing upon your children here. Gathering to worship God should not be like getting shots. Gathering for worship should not be like getting splinters out. Hearing the Scriptures, singing them, reciting the Creed, feasting at the Lord’s Supper, receiving the blessing of God, all of these things are the blessing of God being bestowed upon us and our children. And you know this, and so this is just a reminder to continue pouring out that blessing on them. And pour it out like it really is blessing. Get ready for worship with joy and enthusiasm, plan ahead to make Sunday morning special and exciting, and talk about it before and after and even during as though it really is the best thing of the week. Because it is.

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