Monday, November 30, 2009

Gospel Flesh = Evangelist

One more thought on the connection between "gospel" and "flesh":

Most of the uses of the verb BASAR, meaning to share news, give a report, etc. include actual messengers. People bring the news, they declare the report. These messengers might just as easily be called evangelists, bringers-of-the-news.

This helps explain the connection: the "news" is incarnated in the person of the messenger. The messenger, the one who declares the message is the "flesh" of the original event. The event, the verdict, the fact that is being shared in a particular situation comes in the "flesh" of the evangelist, the one who brings the good news.

Jesus is the flesh of God, the incarnation of the original event, verdict, fact. Jesus is the original evangelist. What is that fact, that event, that verdict He comes to declare? That God IS, that the Father, Son, and Spirit are and ever will be. And yet this announcement itself becomes a further event/announcement. For now this God who is and ever will be is here with us and for us and for the world.

We are evangelists of the original evangel.

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