Thursday, April 22, 2010

Word as Sacrament

Word is as sacramental as the sacrament is "evangelical." The sacrament is a manifestation of the Word. And unless the false dichotomy between Word and Sacrament is overcome, the true meaning of both Word and Sacrament, and especially the true meaning of Christian "sacramentalism" cannot be grasped in all their wonderful implications. The proclamation of the Word is a sacramental act par excellence because it is a transforming act. It transforms the human words of the Gospel into the Word of God and the manifestation of the Kingdom. And it transforms the man who hears the Word into a receptacle of the Word and a temple of the Spirit...

-Fr. Alexander Schmemann, For the Life of the World, 33.

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Caleb Roberts said...

Rev. Sumpter,

I just got done reading this book and it is still messing with me (for the good). What a great quote to warn us Reformed Christians of our tendency of an over-intellectualization of faith and the Word.

Thanks for posting,