Saturday, May 15, 2010

Seeing into Creation

Speaking of the writings of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Anthony Esolen writes:

"Hopkins asserted with great ardor that man could approach his Lord by the inconsiderable trifles of the world, a love for irises and moths and falcons... Knowledge is everywhere to be be gleaned but only by those who love. The fault line severs those who can read the signs, often in the most unexpected places, from those who cannot because their love does not beat warmly enough... But if our hearts are open, we will see. Then it will be as if the veil of creation had been torn in two. We will not see beyond creation, leaving it behind in disdain, but into creation... We will see even unto the dangerous and loving Creator who awaits within and beside and beyond. God is no mere object of love, but the Lover who will tear through cloud and sky to grip the heart of man."

-Anthony Esolen, Ironies of Faith, 308-309.

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