Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Tenth Plague/Passover

Ezekiel 9 combines a number of elements from Exodus 12-13, 32. It too is a tenth plague/passover story.

In Ezekiel 9, like Exodus 32, the Destroyer is embodied in the actions of men. This time the "sign" that marks those who are to be spared is made with a pen on the foreheads of those who cry over the abominations done in the midst of Jerusalem (Ez. 9:3-4).

As in Exodus 32, there is an advocate for Israel, a Moses, who pleads on their behalf that God not destroy them entirely (cf. Ex. 32:11-14, Ez. 9:8-11). Only this time Yahweh does not appear to relent from His anger.

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