Friday, December 17, 2010

Driscoll on Men and Marriage

This sermon is listed on the Resurgence website as the single most watched sermon by Mark Driscoll. It really is quite good. It's a sermon directed at men, and I think most men would do well to check it out. The sermon actually begins at about 6.5 minutes into the video.


Matthew N. Petersen said...

He said "Some of you have been coming here and are still sleeping with your girlfriend."

Does he excommunicate people, or just talk loud at them?

Or is he talking about people who just attend but don't become members? Do they not have some sort of disciplinary measure? Wouldn't we have something if someone came to town, but didn't become a member, was committing sin worthy of excommunication, could we do something about it?

Toby said...

Hey Matt, I don't know for sure, but from what I've seen, I'd guess that Mars Hill does practice formal church discipline.

At the same time, preaching against sin is one of the ways we "do something about it" when we know that certain sins are likely to be going on in the church community.



Matthew N. Petersen said...

Yeah, it makes sense that there would be people in a church who are sleeping with their girlfriends. They should be brought to repentance, and only if they refuse to repent, excommunicated. But I'm a little uncomfortable if he says there are people who have been sleeping with their girlfriends for years, which is I believe what he said (though not what I quoted him as saying).

Alexander Garden said...

This sermon impressed me enough I listened to a few more. They do practice formal church discipline. I think he was talking, at that point, at those who have been hiding their sin for years. We had one of those surface recently in our church, and we aren't anywhere near as large or hip as Mars Hill.