Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Worshipping as though God is Giving us this City

Throughout the book of Revelation, John witnesses a worship service in heaven. As he watches, the saints and angels and elders fall down before the throne and worship, and each time judgments are sent down upon the earth: plagues, famines, floods, and wars fall on the earth as the Triune God is worshipped in heaven. Worship is warfare. We are here for battle. We serve the Lord of Hosts; hosts are armies. We are the armies of King Jesus. Therefore as we gather this morning, I call upon you to fight with all your might. As we confess our sins, do it heartily as though your confession were for the sake of the world. Because it is. As we sing out our praises to God, sing out at the top of your voice as though these Psalms might tear down strongholds and bring injustice to the ground. Because they do. As we declare the goodness of God to one another in our spoken responses, declare it like it like you are on the battle field, as though God is giving us this city, this county, this state. Because he is. At the close of the hymns and Psalms declare your ‘Amen!’ not with some kind of quiet, passiveness. Declare your ‘Amen!’ as though the God of heaven took your vows seriously, as though your shouts of affirmation might bring judgments on the earth. Because they do. As you hear the word of God read and declared listen intently, as though your King was giving you your commands, your marching orders. Because He is. And as you feast at the table of your Commander, do so as the friends of the Commander, rejoicing in the fact that as God’s people eat their bread and drink their wine with joyful hearts, God judges nations. He brings down kings and raises up beggars. He blesses the righteous and undoes the plans of the wicked. We are at the gate of heaven; we are here for battle. We serve King Jesus who will reign until all of his enemies have been made his footstool. Therefore, he cannot fail. And if He cannot fail, then neither can we.

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