Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Polling Is Over

Today is Ascension Sunday. Today we celebrate with the Church throughout the world the enthronement of Jesus Christ at the right hand of God the Father. This is a message that many non-Christians do not want to hear. This is a message that many Christians do not want to hear. When we say that Jesus is Lord; we do not mean that Jesus is willing to give you happy feelings. When we say that Jesus is the Christ; we do not mean that you can ask him into your heart if you want to. When Kings are enthroned, when Emperors sit upon their daises, when Presidents are inaugurated, the newspapers do not then begin to take polls and see if anyone is willing to vote for them. All the polling is over. It doesn’t matter what the parliaments and supreme courts and nations and rulers of the world think. It doesn’t matter if they accept Jesus or not. It’s not up to them. 2000 years ago, a man came back from the dead, pushed over the stone that was blocking his tomb and announced that a new world was beginning to a small band of frightened Roman Soldiers. Forty days later that same man ascended into heaven and was given power and dominion and rule over all of the nations of the earth. He was granted authority in heaven and on earth, and he was given a kingdom and empire that cannot be stopped, that cannot deterred, and that will not cease to grow and expand until it covers the earth as the waters cover the sea. The powers of this world are not happy with this, and they are doing their best to ignore it and minimize it. But the nations of this world, its kings and presidents owe their allegiance to Jesus. When we say that Jesus is Lord we mean that Caesar is not. When we say that Jesus is the Christ, we mean that Jesus is the King. He is the anointed High Priest and the King of all Kings over the earth. This has been true for 2000 years, and no amount of scientific evidence, historical research, political maneuvering, or polling or market research will change this fact. Jesus is King of this world. We are his loyal subjects, and we utterly refuse to forget it.

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