Monday, July 13, 2009

Job Rejects Yahweh?

John Briggs Curtis writes: "Challenged by God in such terms [Yahweh's answer from the whirlwind], Job must respond. Yahweh has focused the issues in the simplest possible terms: Job can either accept the divine appraisal of the universe and of Job's place in it, or Job can reject God. There is no middle ground left for compromise. Confronted by a choice so clearly defined, Job reacts, as he must: He totally and unequivocally rejects Yahweh." He continues, describing another article by Patrick, "There is nowhere in Job's final speech even the slightest suggestion that he either recants his previous position or shows remorse for all that he has said."

While I disagree with Curtis' conclusion, his honesty in dealing with the several pieces of evidence is helpful. The conclusion that Curtis does not appear to consider is the possibility that both God and Job are right.

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