Thursday, July 09, 2009

Littlejohn on Mercersburg Theology

My friend, Brad Littlejohn, has just had his first book published through Pickwick Publications, an imprint of Wipf and Stock. The book, The Mercersburg Theology and The Quest for Reformed Catholicity, looks like a great introduction to John Williamson Nevin, Philip Schaff, and the 19th century conversation surrounding ecclesiology, sacraments, and what it means to be "Reformed and Catholic." Peter Leithart writes the forward of the book, and he says:

"For an increasing number of Protestants, the dismemberment of Protestantism is a scandal, an oozing wound in the body of Christ, leaving behind a twisted Christ as painful to behold as the Isenheim altarpiece. But what is a Protestant to do? The Reformation was itself a rent in the vesture of Christ, so how can Protestants object to the tin-pot Luthers and Machens who faithfully keep up the Reformation tradition of fissure and fragmentation? ... We need an American Reformation that recovers the original catholic vision of Protestantism, and in pursuing this, American Protestants do well to take a page from early-twentieth-century Catholics and embark on a program of ressourcement, and to this program Littlejohn's book is a valuable contribution..."

So go get your copy already.

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