Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Dwindling of the Menopausal Militia

The article here in New York Magazine is hard to read straight through without wincing or tears. It's not really new information for us, but I'd say it's striking coming from the pro-choice camp. It's honest, terribly honest. And therefore it's also hopeful.

My favorite part is where the pro-choice movement is recognized as growing old compared to the current generation of younger Americans that the article describes as perhaps the most pro-life generation ever, due to technological advances like ultrasound. And one NARAL representative referred to the dwindling pro-choice ranks as the "menopausal militia."

HT: Albert Mohler

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Mark B said...

Thanks for this. It's amazing that the article didn't point out the obvious point that the new (living) generation knows intuitively that they could have legally been killed via abortion. Something older generations never had to live with.

"At the end of each counseling session, Keyes offers women a basket of stones from which to choose and make a wish."

The image of women who come for counsel and are given stones (instead of good counsel) is just so stark it ceases to even carry irony.