Wednesday, December 16, 2009

John Frame

Here's a helpful summary and review of the new festschrift in honor of John Frame (HT: Justin Taylor). And the book can be found here.

My earliest memories of Church and worship are full of John Frame. From about six months to a little before my ninth birthday, we worshiped at New Life Presbyterian Church. It was an OPC congregation until just shortly before we left in 1989, I believe, when it moved into the PCA. During many of those years, John Frame was the worship leader on Sunday mornings. He lead from the piano, and my Dad accompanied on the guitar. One of my favorite memories is when on at least one occasion, Pastor Frame instructed us to clap during one particular hymn, and when we weren't getting the rhythm quite right, he stopped us in the middle of the song (in the middle of the service) and gave us a quick lesson on rhythm. Then when we were all clapping correctly, we continued the song and the rest of the service. I remember Dad saying that Professor Frame was very into movies as well. I seem to remember hearing that he regularly watched a number of current movies and put out reviews. I always thought that was very cool.

I remember first loving, then disagreeing with, and finally coming to an overly appreciative but still somewhat critical relationship with his books on worship. I love his biblicism, his evangelical catholicity, and his willingness to critique friends and people in his own camp. But the title of the festschrift "Speaking the Truth in Love" is obviously a very fitting summary of Frame's ministry and academic contributions.

I also remember, as I worked on my senior thesis for New St. Andrews College, contacting Frame. I asked some questions (probably fairly convoluted ones) about his perspective on a particular theology of worship I was tracing. I emailed him, and I remember fondly how he addressed his response to me: "Little Toby!" I was gratified that he remembered me as fondly as I remembered him.

Anyway, there's no doubt that God has used John Frame in extremely significant ways over the last half century, and I look forward to reading this volume in celebration of his contributions. And may God grant Professor Frame many more years of faithful service to the Body of Christ.

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Frame's movie reviews (some of which were first published in Jim Jordan's newsletter, Open Book):